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  • painting
    - with oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, or mixed media
  • mural
    - an artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface
  • costumes
    - for dance, drama and film
  • textiles
    - adapting traditional techniques for the modern Indian
  • wedding themes
    - invitation cards, arches to stages... the whole ambience
  • theatre
    - Music Academy, Narada Gana Sabha, Krishna Gana Sabha... every major stage in Chennai, period film Swathi Thirunal to numerous shows on TV
  • corporate events
    - events, shows, festivals and more
  • miscellaneous
    - designs that can't be categorised

  • Cork Assemblages
    Exhibition @ Sakshi Gallery, Chennai
  • Mural in Cement
    M. S. Swaminathan Foundation, SIPCOT, Chennai
  • Multi-media Mural
    Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai
  • Dhananjay Bhatt
    - Partner, Cork Industries.
    Ramani is possibly be the first in the world to use cork as an art medium... I pushed him to work the fastest possible. He brought out this exhibition of 25 murals and collages in a record time of just 45 Days!


From a humble beginning as the bark of a tree, cork (quercus suber) is in attendance triumphantly at summit-meetings of the powerful and mighty, with the same unobtrusiveness as protecting a vial of medicine or cooking oil in a spartan hutment. It has also refused to buckle under the pressure of marauding synthetics by its formidable qualities which conjunctively defy replaceability. At this stage in our technological evolution it has convinced its detractors that it is under no threat of extinction. Humble cork is here to stay, silently.

By and large, its use in art is essentially incipient, and it is possible that the efforts of artists like Ramani may find very enthusiastic and vigorous following in the coming times.


Making of the mural time lapse video at the Kodas residence