V V Ramani had recieved the Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu - Senior Artist Award (1997) - a state-level award for Navarasa, a paper collage - presented by the Honorable Governor of Tamilnadu. The award carries a citation and cash award.

Ramani is a unique artist not only because he works with a rarest of rare media - collage, but also because his genius dares to challenge the current perceptions around him- looking at the world through his own paradigm where the prevailing perceptions are not merely questioned but even deconstructed, the shambles superimposed and rearranged as a collage to let an entirely new form and meaning emerge out of them.

In Ramani's collages the different shaped and sized pieces stuck intercept one another adding depth so as to contrast with the shallow abstract background space.- releasing an unexpected and whole new textured view of the world!

What is wonderful about Ramani's work is that meaning and aesthetics support each other- he does not per force sacrifice aesthetics to create a shocking image of his new world-but gently and caringly compels his viewers to revisit their own understanding of life-

To me Ramani's contribution is invaluable also because of another entirely different reason:

By choosing collage as his medium , Ramani makes the environment statement that absolutely needs to be made in the current day world- turning old, read and dated magazine paper in to works of art that transcend time and space and attain immortality.

Sreemati Ramnath - Founder and Principal Consultant, immer besser

...unlike many collage artists, Ramani works with a definite end image as a goal... journey literally papered with every kind of image... Yet in all the 'Madness' of swirling, colorful, even bizarre images, there is the 'Method' of Final Creation!
Pushpa Chari, Columnist, The Hindu

(Ramani) an artist for whom innovation in everything is imperative!
Malathi Rangarajan, Columnist, The Hindu

(Ramani believes that) the art is it's own reward... (his) 'Problem' is that he's so good at so many things!!
Shanta Guhan, Art Connoiseur

...(he's) done the interiors of The Music Academy's Main Hall... (he) discusses the Concept with me... (and then) expands on it... Very Much Appreciated by ALL of our Members... (so much so) we asked him to Design the Stage for our 75th Anniversary Celebrations!!!
T. T. Vasu, Music Academy